I would 100% recommend Sarah's services. She is very professional and easy to deal with, she explained very carefully & constructively that I needed to view the home commercially to get the best selling price and to attract the most viewers and buyers.

Some of her suggested changes seemed quite basic but they had not occurred to me and made a huge difference to my home's presentation and functionality.

The house did need a lot of de-cluttering and de-personalising which was a great exercise and made moving out much easier.

Her furniture and accessories turned my home into a lovely show home, their rental was much better value than having to buy new items to dress the home. All the money invested in staging was done in an informed way to generate income which was very reassuring.

My home was under offer from its first viewing and went on to earn significantly more. When I move into my new home, I am definitely going to use Sarah to help me with planning my new decor and furniture. 

Ken Reynolds, Raheny