I offer a bespoke personal collaborative staging service tailored to your budget. I have a lifetime of experience in buying/selling/renting/building homes and a love of interior design, furniture & accessories!! 

I will constructively assess the level of staging your home requires. We will make an informed commercial decision together or collaboratively with your Estate Agent as to the value we can add to your home. 

An initial consultation with me to advise on how to stage your home is from €200, this fee will be deducted from your fee if I am project managing and staging your home fully or partly.


I understand the necessity to maximise your selling price and the stresses associated with selling and moving. I understand how daunting preparing a home & garden for sale can seem, I am here to offer that support, advice and multiple staging services!!
  • I have moved 10 times both in Ireland & abroad 
  • I have been involved in 2 family home builds & 1 extension
  • I have bought, sold & rented family homes
  • I have had to sell a family home as part of a divorce
  • I understand how complicated it is to sell a home in difficult circumstances
  •  I have viewed numerous homes and been surprised at how much better they could have been presented for relatively little cost. 
  • Buyers will be concerned that if they can see areas that need repair, there are more significant underlying Issues.

Misnomers/Mistruths when selling your home for sale.

The following statements are completely untrue!

  • The Home Will Sell Regardless of Staging
  • Buyers Can See Through Clutter
  • Buyers Can Imagine What This Room Would Look Like as a Bedroom/Office etc..
  • There is No Point in Preparing the House for Sale as The New Buyer Will Strip it All Back Anyway
  • Lower Value homes Do Not Merit Staging
  • It is a Good Idea to Show a Home Empty as a Blank Canvas